The most flexible platform for mapping and analysis of the world's most complex environments is about to get an upgrade.

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Upgrade Blueprints 2 available soon

A new approach to IT documentation

Pathway Systems' Blueprints™ is the ultimate system for documentation and planning of complex information systems.

A Blueprints™ model is fast, intelligent, and easy to use. It lets you continually assess your information architecture, business processes, change management, and management strategy.

You can capture complex relationships, and communicate high-level knowledge across your entire organization.

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Dependency mapping with Blueprints 2


Any number of users can work together or independently on the same shared system.


An adaptive design allows users to generate analysis, build solutions, or capture relationships in real-time.


Every change is archived, so no change has to be final. Time becomes a parameter you can use to examine the model.


Tailoring the tool to fit your problem domain is easy using the extensive configuration options. Use what you need, compose what you'd like, disable the rest.


Accessible any time, anywhere in the world, on a wide range of devices, with no installation required.

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Shared documentation

Blueprints™ lets you assemble around a common model to transform "tribal knowledge" into shared awareness.

Local and remote users can share the same perspective, see eachothers' actions, collaborating in real-time.

Planning and analysis

Construct a model of your network, datacenter, software dependencies, business processes, and more.

Then put that data to work. Get instant impact analysis, view dependencies, run simulations, generate reports, tables, and charts. Blueprints™ does it all on-the-fly.

Rapid deployment

Blueprints™ can be delivered as SaaS or a virtual appliance. Either way, you'll get full support, backups, training, and free upgrades throughout your subscription.

Spin up a free evaluation model to see how easy it is to get started, and how powerful the results can be.