Pathway Systems

Pathway Systems was established because our founders saw need within the IT industry for a system of visual documentation that was fast, easy to use, and easy to maintain.

After years of struggling in the trenches, they set out to create the product they had wanted all along.

Since that day, the industry has only gotten more complex. Companies are recognizing that information strategy is key to their business success, but the professionals who support and manage that information strategy still wrestle with the same frustrating software.

That's changing. Today, Pathway Systems supports customers all over the world.

Every day, professionals across a broad spectrum of industry, research, and government use our tools to help coordinate, plan, document, and assess their information posture.

And the future looks brighter every day.

The industry has embraced many new management practices that combine nicely with the technologies produced at Pathway Systems.

New techniques and methods are constantly being devised to construct, analyze, and repair dependency networks and other kinds of graph and network structures. The leading edge keeps moving forward.

We think it's progress.

Board of Advisors

Jamie M. Grooms

Mr. Grooms is the Chief Executive Officer of the Institute for the Commercialization of Public Research. He has 17 years experience as a successful entrepreneur and has been involved with several startup companies serving as both an advisor and board of directors member.

Mr. Grooms co-founded Regeneration Technologies (Nasdaq: RTIX), where he co-invented the primary value-added technologies that formed the basis of RTIX's product line.

Mr. Grooms led RTIX through its spin-off from the University of Florida in 1998, growing the company from under $5 million in revenues in 1995 to a profitable $150 million in revenues in 2001. He led the company through its initial venture capital fundraising, and oversaw its IPO in 2000, raising $75 million in proceeds.

Mr. Grooms also co-founded AxoGen Corporation and from 2002 to May 2010 served as Chief Executive Officer. He has been Chairman of the Board of Directors of AxoGen Corporation since 2002, and has served as Chairman of AxoGen, Inc.'s Board of Directors since September 2011.

In addition to his executive management experience, he has extensive experience in many areas of med-tech business operations, including R&D, laboratory and manufacturing operations. He has developed state-of-the-art medical processing and manufacturing systems, robotics, and other technological innovations, and has held various leadership positions with LifeNet, Osteotech (Nasdaq:OSTE), and CryoLife (Nasdaq:CRY). He holds a degree in biology from Old Dominion University.

Joseph M. Valley, Jr.

Mr. Valley most recently served as the CEO of Bluenog Corporation, an open-source provider of integrated content management, portal and reporting solutions. He served as Director of Orion HealthCorp, Inc., and recently served as Chairman and CEO of NCT, Inc., a networking connectivity services provider, which he sold to Black Box Corporation (BBOX:NASDAQ) in 2008.

Mr. Valley also served as CEO of Seranin Software Corporation, a privately held company based in Dallas, President and COO for QueryObject Systems Corporation, an Amex-traded global business intelligence software company, and CEO of MIS USA, the first company to introduce collaborative analytical processing and one of the most successful IPOs on the German market.

Mr. Valley began his career at Computer Associates where he held several senior executive positions.

Robert P. Reynolds

Mr. Reynolds currently serves as the CEO of Solis Energy, a provider of solar energy products and solutions which he co-founded in 2004. Solis products allow industrial and commercial customers to continuously power critical low-wattage electronics, such as security systems, Wi-Fi hotspots, telemetry equipment, and traffic monitoring systems, in places where grid-supplied electricity is impractical.

Mr. Reynolds previously worked as a telecommunications consultant and executive consultant, developing business services and processes for a number of technology companies. He played a critical role in launching international operations for a Canadian-owned technology firm, and designed, developed, and deployed an advanced Internet Protocol and Ethernet services product for a wholesale provider of bandwidth and IP services.

Mr. Reynolds got his start working for the city of Orlando in information technology.