Blueprints for transportation

Blueprints helps people and goods reach destinations all over the world

Whether trains, planes, trucks, or ships, Blueprints can help organize the systems that support transportation, shipping, and logistics. Flexible and reliable, you can use Blueprints to get a solid picture of your shifting environment.

  Full-stack intelligence

  • Integrate infrastructure data with high-level information like workflows, form requirements, and processes.
  • Represent non-electronic aspects separately from the supporting systems.
  • Rapidly assess the impact of infrastructure degradation on practical services and capabilities.
  • Create a unified characterizations of how technical equipment and software interacts with vehicles and management.

  Manage with data

  • Analyze data to make decisions about architecture, resource requirements, and provisioning
  • Universal history tracking lets you visualize the evolution of your data and configuration over time
  • Create reports, charts, and diagrams incorporating impact analysis, dependency analysis, and other metrics
  • Run simulations to analyze metrics such as cost-of-downtime, startup order, or design your own

  Increase your visibility

  • A simple interface and role-based security allows novices to use Blueprints with minimal training.
  • Build dashboards and automatically-updated documentation using the Blueprints API.
  • Generate comprehensive reports in a matter of seconds, ideal for meetings, audits, or paper documentation.
  • Design sessions to give quick access to relevant information.

  Built to be reliable

  • Work from any secured web browser, no special software requirements or installation necessary.
  • Blueprints SmartSync keeps your data up-to-date, preventing stale information.
  • Universal history log lets you time shift, or search and examine changes at any time.
  • Off-site backups with optional "hot standby" SaaS, 30-minute snapshots, or integrate with your enterprise backup solution.